Friday, April 26, 2013

Alternate Blinking Epson Stylus SX100 Printer

Before opening the Epson adjustment program, make sure that the  power of the printer is on, properly connected to your computer and most of all there’s no pending print task in your printer. This Epson Resetter is for Epson Printer with  a model of Stylus SX100 Printer

Follow the steps below:

Open the Adjprog.exe. Click “Accept” button to open the program

This is the adjustment program of Epson Stylus SX100 Printer

Select Model Name, Destination of your printer

Select  port or just select auto then click ok
Then Click “Particular adjustment mode” button.
Ink charge

Select on “Waste ink pad counter” and click “OK” button

Check on Main pad counter and click on “Initialization” button and the program will reset the protection counter.
  • Turn off the printer as a program instructed then turn on again
  • Finish
Click here to download the Epson Resetter program

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tomtom said...

does not wooorks i followed every steeeeep